Saturday, February 11, 2012


I greatly admire those who write well, especially those who write romance well.  I think it would be nearly impossible.  I have tried, and usually end up with an epic for an exposition, and never getting past the idea of the story to the story.  I recently discovered and have found that even on the internet, there are those who do write romance well.  After filtering through some things that I wished I never saw, I got sucked into the GA category, and haven't looked back sense.  Who knew writing could be so fun? Only problem is every time I am doing something the slightest bit boring, lit calls me, and very little ends up getting done.  Like attempting to write. 
My favorite new medium to write in is spiral notebook and pen.  I never liked spiral notebooks because they are so messy, and pages come out so easily.  But after being forced by a friend to use one I have come to the conclusion that their versatile convenience far outweighs the messiness.  Plus it's a great way to practice my handwriting.
As is shown here, I tend to ramble, and that is something that plagues my writing.  My essays are always way over the word limit.  I admire those who can organize their thoughts in a way that filters through the extra words.  People who can articulate a complete thought is a sentence.  Not only do I use way more words than I should/ that are necessary, I often don't complete the thought.  It always gets muddled somewhere between the coherent, creative, articulate part of my brain on the way to my pen or mouth.
I suppose the point of this post, a synopsis I suppose, is writing is great, and even better when people can get the reader to see what they are seeing, in under 10,000 words.  People with that talent/skill are amazing. 

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