Friday, June 1, 2012

Charcoal Pt. 9

Back to Charcoal :) Sorry this bit is a little short, I have to really think about how what is going to happen next happens.  Anyway, enjoy!  Also I have posted Picking Up the Pieces on, it is a bit more edited if you want to read it there- or comment! But I digress- Charcoal Pt. 9:

Soul stepped back when he saw the intensity in Scott’s eyes. 

“Hi?”  He whispered.  Scott couldn’t bring himself to say a word.  He simple stared.  “Umm, do I need shoes, cause there weren’t any that I could see.”  There was a long pause before Scott answered.

“Oh no, not in the house.”  The spell had been broken, but Scott’s eyes retained their intensity and Soul’s their wariness.


The dining room was just as intimidating as the bedroom.  The chairs had backs high enough to hide their occupants and the place settings.  There were several more forks and spoons than Soul knew what to do with, and covered platters promised many courses.

“You are a bit late.”  Sylvia stood from a chair at the head.  “But I will excuse you this time.”  She smiled, and it looked scarier than if she had frowned.  “You will sit here, and you here.”  She pointed at Soul and Scott and where she wished for them to sit, on either side of her.  Soul stood next to his chair, waiting for some sign to sit.  There were still several seats at the table that were set, but unoccupied. 

“Sit.”  Scott mouthed from across the table.  Soul did, just then Josie and a man Soul assumed was Nova entered the room.  Josie was wearing a soft black gown that hid her belly.  Nova a plain black suit.  Josie sat next to Soul, Nova next to Scott.  Soon after 2 more couples entered the room and sat the doors on the other side of the room entered.  The man that came through them carried an aura of power.  He looked a bit like Scott, but mostly he looked like someone you shouldn’t cross.

“So the prodigal son has returned.”  Scott bowed his head.  “Son, keep your head up.  I may have raised a useless boy- but I will not let you be pathetic as well.”  Scott raised his head, but would not meet Soul’s eyes, or anyone else’s at the table. 

“Well dear, he may just have some purpose now.  Somehow he convinced this one to visit.”  Sylvia gestured to Soul like he was some sort of trophy.  He considered, to them that was exactly what he was.

“Yes, I see that.  But the bond isn’t completed is it?  The little one still doesn’t know what is happening, and cannot channel or understand what he Sees.  One step in the right direction cannot make up for a lifetime dallying with paints.”

Soul looked at Scott, his face was blank. 

“I didn’t mean to cause such trouble.  I never knew about any of this until a couple months-“

“So it speaks.”  Soul was taken aback.  He hadn’t meant to cause any offense.  He opened his mouth to say as much, but was again interrupted.

“Sweetie, no one asked you to say anything.”  Sylvia placed her napkin on her lap.  “No question was asked of you, so don’t say anything.”  Soul was stricken.  He couldn’t think of anything he could have said.  He looked down at his plate and played with his napkin.  He was beginning to see why his mother had left. 

After several moments of careful silence Sylvia picked up one of the platters and began serving tiny bowls of salad.

“So Josie, is that a new dress?”  Sylvia’s voice suggested that clothing wasn’t the main point of her question.  Josie visibly swallowed and seemed to gather herself before speaking.

“I wasn’t feeling well last week, so I ordered it.  I thought you would like it.”  Her whole demeanor had completely changed, gone was the sweet bubbly girl from earlier.  In her place was a shy, scared young woman.

“I understand.  But that doesn’t make it right.”  Josie lowered her head and began to pick at her salad, Sylvia moved on to her next victim.

“Stacey, I heard you went to the doctor yesterday?”  A woman to Josie’s side nodded and paled. 

“Yes ma’am.” 

“Call me Sylvia.”  Again the woman nodded, then looked up into Sylvia’s piercing eyes and false smile.

“Yes Sylvia.”  The woman looked close to tears.  Soul couldn’t imagine going through this each day.  Did none of these people stand up for themselves?  Then he remembered how difficult it was to even think of something to say.

“And what did he say?”  Sylvia asked still glaring into Stacey’s eyes.

“She said these things take time.  She said that I should try not to worry, that that could make things worse.”

“She?  You didn’t go to the doctor I suggested?  And you should be worried.  Stacey, you aren’t getting any younger, these things do take time and every month you fail your chances get smaller.  Go to Doctor Beauregard.  He will have something better to say.  Else…”  A tear slid down Stacey’s cheek, but she stayed at the table, and Sylvia moved on to her next victim.  When she had moved through all the people sitting on Soul’s side of the table a cloud seemed to lift from the group.  Moments later two men dressed in simple white suits came and cleared the table.  This time Scott’s father served.

“You all know there have been developments?”  Everyone but Soul nodded.  “We need to discuss what will happen next, but first let’s eat.”  The rest of the dinner passed in silence.  And though the food was impeccably prepared Soul couldn’t make himself eat more than a few bites.  The feeling in the house was beyond hostile.  Not only toward him but toward everyone.  He couldn’t imagine living here, he wanted out as quickly as possible.

Back in the scarlet room Soul paced.  Everyone had retired to the deeper recesses of the house and he had been sent back here.  After throwing the green shirt into a corner Soul paced.  How was he going to escape now he had come here on his own?  What was expected of him?  Did he have any say in anything that happened from here on out?  He paced and wondered.  By the time Scott reentered the room Soul’s stomach was rolling in acid, and he felt more trapped than he ever had before. 

“How can you stand it here?”  Soul flopped on the bed when Scott entered the room.  “How did you live here for so long?  How are your parents-“

“Don’t talk about them.”  Soul looked up suddenly.  He was so caught up in his own feelings he hadn’t really considered Scott’s. 

“Why not?  They aren’t in here.”  Scott shook his head. 

“This is their house.  You don’t talk about them.”  Soul huffed and lay against the soft pillows and watched Scott take off the cufflinks and carefully put them in a box.  Then begin to unbutton his jacket, than shirt.

“What am I expected to do, other than keep my mouth closed?”  Soul ran his hands through his hair, wishing for a brush.  It wouldn’t fix his messy hair, but it would feel good.  He scratched his scalp with his fingernails but it wasn’t the same. 

“You are expected to learn how to use your Talent, if you could figure out how to have a baby, I’m sure my mom would be thrilled.” 

“What?”  Soul froze.  “That’s not possible.  It can’t be.”  Scott laughed.

“Of course it is.  But you heard Stacey, even though she looks younger, she is 37.  Mom is worried she won’t have kids- ever.  Stacey doesn’t have the talent, but her family is known to skip a generation every now and again, then the next child has a very strong gift.  Mom thinks Stacey is not getting pregnant on purpose.”

“But, shouldn’t it be her choice?”  Scott laughed and gave Soul a look that clearly said the answer, no. 

Finishing undressing Scott crawled onto the bed and flopped next to Soul. 

“I don’t suppose I can have a kiss?”  It was Soul’s turn to laugh. 

“No, I can’t think when you kiss me.  My whole mind falls apart.  I think I need to think for a while.”

“You’ve thought for weeks!”  Scott reached over to tickle Soul.  After resisting for a moment Soul let out a peal of laughter. 

“Stop, stop, stop!”  He laughed as he tried to tickle Scott back, but he was laughing too hard to get a good grip.  When Scott finally let him up to breathe he couldn’t help but kiss him.  The break in the tension of the day was too sweet.  Now that he had gotten himself into this he couldn’t let this silly moment go.  Scott returned the kiss, nibbling on Soul’s bottom lip. 

“You are jus too sweet.”  Scott whispered as he brushed kisses from Soul’s mouth to his cheek, then to his eyelids.  Soul sighed before seeing his opportunity.  He reached out and tickled Scott’s unprotected sides.  Laughing Scott wrapped his arms around Soul and rolled so Soul lay under him.

“Maybe I spoke too soon.”  Soul giggled until Scott bit his neck, right where his neck met his shoulder, his laugh turned to a moan.  Scott sucked on the spot, ignoring Soul’s whimpers.  Scott could feel the skin heating under his touch, flesh thickening, hardening.  He kissed down Soul’s bare chest to the soft waistband of his pants; here he stopped, nibbling, kissing, and licking until Soul begged for him to continue.  Scott slowly pulled down the pants and the black briefs underneath, kissing each bit of skin he revealed.  Soul’s breath caught in his throat as he watched, pushed up on his elbows.  In his silence he heard footsteps and voices elsewhere in the house.  In that moment everything came back to him.  It was why he hadn’t wanted to start this.  He always forgot himself with Scott, but now he remembered.

“No stop.”  For a moment Scott didn’t hear, or ignored Soul’s plea.  “Scott really, stop.  Not here.”  Scott looked up and saw the fear in Soul’s eyes.  Sighing he flopped, aching onto the pillows. 

“No one would interrupt.”  Soul pulled up his pants and scooted to the edge of the bed. 

“That’s not the point.”  Scott rubbed his temples and tried to breathe.  Again Soul was pulling away.  He didn’t know how much longer he could go without doing something he would regret.


  1. Pushing Soul to do things is getting on my nerves. When are Scott and the others going to explain things better? He and Soul barely know each other. Frustrating.
    This reminds me of My Tehlija by Night Tempest.

  2. Ooh that is a HUGE compliment! Thank you :) I think there are more explaining coming up :)