Sunday, May 13, 2012

May crazy and a poem

May is the craziest time!  I always forget how little time there is to do anything.  Still, I am sorry about my infrequent posting, here is a little poem from a writing exercise.  Usually they are called poem sketches and there are specific words that you have to include.  Also follow me on twitter for quick updates and random comments, what else is twitter for?  Anyway,


The scarf brushed her cheek
like a kiss, like the bloom of her favorite flower
but this-was silk.
She dreamt of the worms that made it,
the pots that boiled it.
and though
what a pretty way to die
drifting in a cauldron of color.
Tears glossed her cheeks and she masked her face in ice.
She rolled in the snow
making a print of her body.
Forever is too long
she though,
just until spring is perfect.
She thought of the snowflakes dusting her face
pressing her into the blue
white snow covered her
her body blooming with cold,
crystals of ice crowned her hair
and she became the queen of silence
unseen, unmoving
until the thaw of spring.

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