Friday, April 27, 2012

The train

Short short, I have been super busy, and have not had much time to write, but wrote this little vignette today, and thought I'd share.

The train has left the station, read newspapers blow across the platform and onto the tracks. it is like a sepia photograph- a daguerreotype.  But there, in the corner lies a hat, red and forgotten.  It sits like a stereotype, a red rose of romance, of forgotten love and longing, unrequited love on a far away shore.  I wander over to it, thinking of the missed train, missed goodbyes and promises, missed movie endings, and fairytale kisses.  I pick up the hat and think- in another story this would be the closing scene, that story would be a tragedy, no dry eye would be left in the audience.  But this hat is a stranger’s and reminds me only of my mother laugh as I stepped out of her arms, and onto the train.

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